HDB LAW - What is a HDB duplicate lease and can the HDB duplicate lease be laminated?

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The Singapore Parliament passed the Housing and Development Act to establish the Housing & Development Board (HDB) which is a statutory body. Under the Housing and Development Act (Chapter 129), HDB is Singapore's public housing Authority. HDB sell HDB flats with leases of 99 years to Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Under the Housing and Development Act, any property sold by HDB to any persons including Singapore citizens and permanent residents are considered owners of the flats.  The HDB duplicate lease will reveal the owners of the HDB flat. 

Pursuant to another Act of Parliament, it is provided in the Land Titles Act that leases for terms exceeding 7 years must be registered with the Registry of Singapore Land Titles.  A HDB duplicate lease is a legal document which evidences your ownership of a HDB flat (99 years) and it is registered with the Singapore Land Authority.  If you do a title search or an ownership check with the Singapore Land Authority on HDB addresses, you are actually checking on the ownership of HDB flats.  Read further to find out whether the HDB duplicate lease can be laminated.