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  • LAW ON NATIONAL SERVICE ENLISTMENT - Exit Permit Requirements for Pre-Enlistees
  • LAW ON SOLE-PROPRIETORSHIP AND PARTNERSHIP - Failure to lodge changes with the Registrar of Business Names
  • LAW ON FIREWORKS - Fireworks such as firecrackers, Rocket Fireworks and Sandcrackers.
  • RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY LAW IN SINGAPORE - Foreign person buying Residential Property in Singapore
  • COMMERCIAL LAW - Business Entities that have Separate Legal Personality (Doing Business in Singapore)
  • TOWN COUNCIL LAW - Failure to pay Conservancy and Service Charges due and owing to Town Council in Singapore
  • POLICE INVESTIGATIONS IN SINGAPORE - What is your right under Police Investigations regarding Lie Detectors?
  • ADMINISTRATION OF MUSLIM LAW IN SINGAPORE - Muslim person domiciled in Singapore dying intestate
  • MOTOR VEHICLE LAW - Transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle
  • DIVORCE LAW - Uncontested Divorce
  • CIVIL LAW - Personal Loan
  • HDB LAW - Purchase of Private Residential Property by HDB Flat Lessees/spouses/occupiers
  • PROBATE AND ADMINISTRATION LAW - Grant of Probate & Letters of Administration
  • DEED POLL - To change surname, given name and abandon the use of Hanyu Pinyin name
  • DEED POLL - To add English name, change Hanyu Pinyin name and change given name
  • DEED POLL - Deed Poll to add Christian name